About Us

Code of Kindness was created by myself (Chris Pennington) and a good friend (Chad Jodon). We have a lot of common interest, especially anything techie or digital in nature, but what we consider to be our most important commonality is the strong desire to give something back to the world. 

How The Idea Came About
It all started with our stick figure logo that was actually drawn by my son when he was five years old. I can't remember what it was but one day I had done something to help a stranger. I didn't realize that my son saw what had taken place but an hour later he showed up in my office with his drawing. He went on to explain that his stick friends, as he described them, showed him that kindness was good and that he hoped the person I had helped would help someone too. That was the moment the Code Of Kindness concept was born. If one act of kindness can spur another act of kindness and then that act can trigger another and so on and so on... then who knows, just maybe that one act of kindness could help change the world.  And to make it fun what if all that kindness could be tracked! 

The next day I explained the idea to Chad but told him I didn't have the technical skills to pull it off. In his typical "Positive, Can Do" attitude he replied that he could do it, followed with a hearty "What are we waiting for!"  Chad proceeded to do his magic and two months later, on June 20, 2012, we launched. We're now happy to announce that thousands of Code of Kindness tokens have found their way all over the U.S. and their kindness has even spread into other countries.

Code Of Kindness Is Not About Making Money
There's one thing we want everyone to know. This is not about making money. The only reason we actually charge for the tokens is that... well... we have to pay to have them made. We only charge enough to cover our costs. If anyone can help us reduce the costs we would love to hear from you so in turn we can reduce the price of the tokens. Feel free to call me at 919.436.7008.  

This Is About All Of Us
The last thing we'd like to convey is that Code Of Kindness is also not about Chris and Chad...  it's about all of us and this great big wonderful world we call home! We'd love to remain anonymous but we've received many requests from people wanting to know who was behind all of this. So for that reason you'll find our pictures to the right. I'm also including my personal telephone number (919.436.7008) in hopes you'll call to share your personal visions and experiences with spreading kindness. 

Thank you for your time and helping us change the world - One Act of Kindness at a time!