Code Of Kindness was created to do one thing - help make the world a better place by promotiong acts of kindness that will continue to spread from one person to the next throughout the world.  Our website simply provides a way to show how these good deeds have passed along, and impacted others' lives.

1. Individuals get a "Code of Kindness" Token here
2. They then do one of these...
  • They pass along the token when they witness someone who performed some kindness in which case they give them the token as a way of acknowledging their good deed.  In turn, that person will either perform another act of kindness and pass it, or they'll give it to someone who they witnessed performing an act of kindness.OR...
  • They perform an act of kindness for someone and then giving them the token in hopes that they'll do the same.
Either way, the object is to keep a token moving so that its presence helps motivate acts of kindness.
Seeing where kindness (Tokens) have spread!
The really neat part of Code Of Kindness is that you can see where kindness has spread. If you have registered a token, you can log in any time and see who and where it has been passed to as well as a little about the people who had it and/or how they got it. Or you can also visit the "View Tokens" page of the site and use the interactive map and search tool to see where kindness is spreading.